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This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at

The Recast Enterprise Server default installation will work as long as the clients are referring to the server by name. Sometimes it is desireable to use a DNS alias instead of the computer name. Use the following steps to configure the web service for a DNS alias.

  1. Register a new Service Principal Name for the computer. If, for example, the DNS alias that our clients will hit is and the server name is, we would need to use the following command to create the SPN record.
    SETSPN -S host/ server
  2. Change Basic Authentication to use the Default Domain field.
    1. Open IIS Manager and navigate to the RecastEnterpriseServer site. Double click on Authentication.

      RecastEnterpriseServer Home Authentication.png

    2. Select Basic Authentication and choose Edit from the Actions pane.

      Authentication Basic Authentication Edit.png

    3. Enter the Default Domain that clients will be authenticating to and click OK.

      Edit Basic Authentication Settings company.local.png

With the DNS alias configured, you can move on to configuring the application in the Control Panel.

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