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Recast RCT Enterprise Features

Lab Manager

A simple, automated way to quickly transform computers into single purpose, kiosk-mode devices. Lab Manager makes it easy to prepare labs for state testing or set up task-specific internet workstations.

Status Message Tool

There are status messages recorded for almost all parts of Configuration Manager. While these status messages are not easily accessible through the Configuration Manager Console, they are made easily available with Recast RCT Enterprise.


Returns data faster than standard ConfigMgr querying and allows for advanced query customization.

Security & Auditing

The client server architecture behind Recast RCT Enterprise allows administrators to add another layer of security on top of ConfigMgr's preexisting Role-Based Administration model. With Recast RCT Enterprise, potentially harmful Right Click actions, such as Restart and Shutdown Collection, can be disabled.

Distribution Point Content Status Tool

Gain greater insight into content on Distribution Points and in Task Sequences.


StateLocker is a method for locking down the configuration of your computers by remotely enabling the Unified Write Filter. With a simple reboot, devices can be reset to a known good configuration, allowing you to quickly recover from unexpected issues without a lengthy reimaging process.

Recast RCT Enterprise Desktop Tools

Console and User tools for Recast RCT Enterprise

Mobile Management

Backed by a client/server architecture, the mobile tools allow user to perform simple administrative tasks securely from their mobile devices. The Recast RCT Enterprise mobile app is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

RCT Builder

Create and share your own custom Right-Click Tools, by stringing together chains of Right-Click actions, PowerShell Scripts, Registry Edits, Scheduled Tasks, and more. Share your creations with role-based administration throughout your team.

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