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This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at

Content Tools

The Content Tools are available on all pieces of content:

  • Applications
  • Application Deployment Types
  • Packages
  • Deployment Packages
  • Boot Images
  • Driver Packages
  • OS Installers
  • OS Images
  • Distribution Points
  • Task Sequences

Distribution Point Content Status

By Right Clicking on any Distribution Point, this tools reveals the status of all content on that particular DP. The Content Information tool also shows when a particular piece of content was created and last updated. Additionally, when right-clicking on any piece of content (shown below), administrators can choose to redistribute, remove, validate or refresh. They can also Open the Content Source Folder and view Status Messages for that piece of content.

DP Content 2.png

Task Sequence Content Status

The Task Sequence Content Window shows what content is in a specific Task Sequence. It also shows what Distribution Points the content is housed on. By Right Clicking, administrators can redistribute, remove, validate and add content to a different Distribution Point.

Task Sequence Content.png

Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers

By right clicking on a distribution point, the Redistribute All Failed Content Transfers option automatically redistributes all content that’s currently in a failed state.

Redistribute Failed Contente.JPG
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