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This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at https://wiki.recastsoftware.com

ICMP Echo is required by many of the tools to detect if a computer is turned on. Since many of the tools utilize methods that are slow to timeout when a computer is turned off, the Right Click Tools send a ping packet to the computer and skips the device if no reply is received. With the Right Click Tools Enterprise, there is an option to disable this feature in the server's Global Settings. While ICMP Echo is an optional component for the Recast Enterprise Tools, Remote Registry and Remote WMI are required in order for many of the tools to work.

Enable ICMP Echo in the Firewall

By default, ICMP Echo is not allowed through the Windows firewall. This can easily be enabled with Group Policy. Follow these steps to enable ICMP Echo.

  1. Open Group Policy Management Console, create a new GPO, and browse to Computer Configuration - Policies - Security Settings - Windows Firewall with Advanced Security - Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Right click on Inbound Rules and choose New Rule. In the New Inbound Rule Wizard, choose Custom and click Next.


  2. On the Program page, choose All programs and click Next.


  3. On the Protocols and Ports page, choose ICMPv4 from the Protocol Type dropdown. Click Customize.


  4. In the Customize ICMP Settings window, select Specific ICMP types and choose Echo Request. Click OK. Click Next on the Protocols and Ports page.


  5. On the Scope page, choose Any IP address for both the local and remote IP addresses. Click Next


  6. On the Action page, choose Allow the connection and click Next.


  7. On the Profile page, choose which firewall profiles you would like the rule to apply to. In general, you should at least select the Domain level. Click Next.


  8. Finally, give the new firewall rule a descriptive name. Click Finish.


Tools that use ICMP Echo when Configured

Right Click Tools Device / Collection Actions
Client Actions
Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle True
Discovery Data Collection Cycle True
File Collection Cycle True
Hardware Inventory Cycle True
Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle True
Send Unsent State Messages True
Software Inventory Cycle True
Software Metering Usage Report Cycle True
Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle True
Software Updates Scan Cycle True
State Message Cache Cleanup True
Windows Installer Source List Update Cycle True
Client Tools
Add Computers to Collection False
Change Cache Size True
Clear Cache True
Client Information True
Open Client Installation Log Folder True
Open Client Log Folder True
Rerun Advertisement True
Restart SMS Agent Host Service True
Run Client Check True
Show Collections - Advanced False
Repair Client True
Uninstall Client True
Console Tools
AD Security Groups False
AD Bitlocker Recovery Keys False
Connect to C$ True
Group Policy Update True
Interactive PowerShell Prompt True
Manage Computer True
Open Regedit True
Ping System True
Run PowerShell Script False
Running Processes True
System Information True
Wake On LAN False
Cancel Pending Restart or Shutdown True
Schedule Restart or Shutdown True
Restart System True
Shutdown System True
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