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[edit] This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at


Options in the Console Tools allow administrators to perform actions that are not accessible from within the console. Administrators can ping a device, access group policy updates and restart or shutdown a system without having to navigate outside of the Recast menu. The System Information interface displays general information about specific computer including installed software and updates, drivers, user profiles and collections. Tool listed in bold are only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

[edit] AD LAPS Password

Queries for the Local Administrator Password from Active Directory. This requires LAPS to be configured. This tool is only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

[edit] AD Security Groups

Shows all of the Active Directory group memberships for a device.

[edit] AD Bitlocker Recovery Keys

List all Bitlocker Keys stored for the device in Active Directory. This tool is only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

[edit] Connect to C$

Opens the C Drive on a remote device.

[edit] Group Policy Update

Forces a Group Policy update. This could include either computer policy, user policy or both. If you choose user policy, the user will temporarily see a command prompt.

[edit] Interactive PowerShell Prompt

Opens a PowerShell prompt over PS Remoting.

[edit] Manage Computer

Opens the computer management snap-in.

[edit] Open Regedit

Opens Regedit and connects to the remote device.

[edit] Ping System(s)

Sends an ICMP Echo request.

[edit] Run PowerShell Script

Runs a PowerShell script from the Recast PowerShell script repository. This tool is only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

[edit] Running Processes

List all processes running on the remote device.

[edit] System Information

[edit] Wake On LAN/Schedule Wake On LAN

Schedule Wake On LAN is only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

[edit] Cancel Pending Restart or Shutdown

[edit] Schedule Restart or Shutdown

[edit] Restart System(s)

[edit] Shutdown System(s)

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