Recast Enterprise Server Troubleshooting

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[edit] This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at

[edit] 500.21 IIS Error on Server 2008 R2

This is usually caused by the .Net 4.5 Framework being installed before ASP.NET was enabled on the Recast Enterprise Server. To fix it, open Programs and Features and repair .Net 4.5.

[edit] Access Denied

Access Denied messages will occur for different reasons depending on if impersonation is used.

[edit] Insufficient Permissions

This can either be caused by insufficient user permissions or Permissions Checks being disabled in the Recast Control Panel.

[edit] Could Not Establish Secure Channel

This is caused by an untrusted certificate being used on the Recast server. It can be fixed by trusting the certificate on devices that will use the Recast desktop tools.

[edit] Invalid URI: The Hostname Could Not Be Parsed

The invalid URI message occurs when the desktop tools try to connect to the Recast Server with an invalid URI.

[edit] Still having problems?

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