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This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at

Lab Manager

A simple, automated way to quickly transform computers into single purpose, kiosk-mode devices. Lab Manager makes it easy to prepare labs for state testing or set up task-specific internet workstations. With the Lab Manager Scheduler, administrators can decide exactly when their Lab Management settings are implemented and when they expire. To simulate a testing environment, administrators can replace a windows desktop image with an internet browser and automatically login users. Once a user is logged in, they can only be allowed access to sites the administrator has chosen and only use keyboard keys that the administrator deems necessary. If a computer is dormant, it can be restarted automatically through Lab Manager. Finally, in order to ensure testing confidentiality, files and folders can be automatically deleted once a user is finished with a computer.

Status Message Tool

Status Messages are made easily accessible with the Recast RCT Enterprise. By right clicking on specific content, administrators can view status messages for deployments, distribution points, PXEs, WSUS Syncs and more. Status messages are also available for task sequence deployments and allow administrators to view live information for every step of a task sequence running on each computer. In addition, administrators can view Removed Items Status Messages and determine which packages, applications, users and devices were removed and which ConfigMgr user removed them.

Refined Querying

The Refined Querying tool is used to return data much faster than standard ConfigMgr querying. Queries can be limited to a particular collection and edited on-the-fly. After query results have been returned, administrators can act upon data by right clicking and utilizing additional features of the Recast RCT Enterprise. Query data can also be easily copied and pasted in Excel graphs without losing column headers.

Security & Auditing

With the Recast Server, user accounts can be added to the system and assigned specific roles that prohibit them from performing certain Recast RCT Enterprise actions. As roles are assigned, the effective permissions change. Users can view the available permissions for the administrators, auditors, read only, helpdesk and test roles. Custom roles can also be added and assigned task-specific permissions. The Security Auditing feature shows any actions that users have performed using the Recast RCT Enterprise. The in-depth layout indicates if actions were successful and provides error-level feedback.

Distribution Point Content Status Tool

By Right Clicking on any Distribution Point, this tools reveals the status of all content on that particular DP. The Content Information tool also shows when a particular piece of content was created and last updated. Additionally, when right-clicking on any piece of content (shown below), administrators can choose to redistribute, remove, validate or refresh. They can also Open the Content Source Folder and view Status Messages for that piece of content. Similarly, by Right Clicking on a Task Sequence, all Content in that Task Sequence is displayed.

Mobile Management

  • Backed by a client/server architecture, the mobile tools allow user to perform simple administrative tasks securely from their mobile devices.
  • Mobile Apps available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
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