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This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at

Client Actions on Collection

The Recast Client Actions on Collection allow administrators to interact with client computers without having to navigate outside of the ConfigMgr interface. Find Client Actions by right clicking on a device collection.

Client Actions - Collection.JPG


  • Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle
  • Discovery Data Collection Cycle
  • File Collection Cycle
  • Hardware Inventory Cycle
  • Machine Policy Retrieval and Evaluation Cycle
  • Send Unsent State Messages
  • Software Inventory Cycle
  • Software Metering Usage Report Cycle
  • Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle
  • Software Updates Scan Cycle
  • State Message Cache Cleanup
  • Windows Installer Source List Update Cycle

Client Tools on Collection

By selecting Client Tools on Collection, administrators are given a number of different device collection property options. Administrators are able to change the a device's ConfigMgr cache size, rerun deployments and run client checks - all from the same ConfigMgr screen.

Client Tools on Collection.JPG


  • Add Computers to Collection(s)
  • Remove Computers from Collection(s)
  • Change Cache Size
  • Clear Cache
  • Install Missing Software Updates
  • Refresh Updates Compliance State
  • Restart SMS Agent Host Service
  • Run Client Check
  • Repair Client
  • Uninstall Client

Console Tools on Collection

Options in the Console Tools on Collection allow administrators to perform actions that are not accessible from within the console. Administrators can ping devices, access group policy updates and restart or shutdown systems without having to navigate outside of the Recast menu. The System Information interface displays device collection information including installed software and updates, drivers, user profiles and collections. Tool listed in bold are only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

Console Tools on Collection.JPG


  • Group Policy Update
  • Ping Collection
  • Run PowerShell Script
  • System Information
  • Wake on LAN/Schedule Wake On LAN
  • Cancel Pending Restart or Shutdown
  • Schedule Restart or Shutdown
  • Restart Collection
  • Shutdown Collection

User Tools on Collection

The User Tools on Collection option allows administrators to add and remove users from specific collections. Tools listed in bold are only available with Recast RCT Enterprise.

User Tools on Collection.JPG


  • Add Users to Collection(s)
  • Remove Users from Collection(s)
  • Collection Status Messages
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