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[edit] This Wiki is out of date. Please view the current documentation at

Recast RCT Free 2.4 provides users with the ability to enable or disable the FQDN and DNS Reverse Lookup features.

If you enable the Use FQDN option, the tools will append the SMS_R_System.FullDomainName field to the computer name. If this option is disabled, the SMS_R_System.Name field is used. The Use FQDN option should enable the tools to work in multi-domain environments and work with computer names that are exclusively numerical. This option is enabled by default as resolving computer names via FQDN should work in most environments.

If the Reverse DNS Lookup option is enabled, then the tools will attempt to perform a reverse lookup against your DNS servers to determine if the computer name returned matches the computer name that the tool was run against. If this name doesn’t match, it will give an appropriate message. By default the Reverse DNS Lookup option is disabled as not all environments will have reverse lookups enabled on their DNS servers.

To access the Configure Right Click Tools menu, run a collection tool (such as Ping Collection) with the Now Micro Right Click Tools:

Ping Collection.JPG

When the Ping results are returned, choose Configure Tools from the File Menu:

Configure Tools.JPG

Configure Reverse DNS Lookup and FQDN Settings:

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